Ledger App (alpha)

There is an experimental Ledger app for DENTNet, which supports the major extrinsics and can be used to manage a DENTX account on a Ledger device. As this app is still in alpha, it's not available on Ledger Live. Instead, sideloading is necessary.

Using the DENTNet Ledger App (alpha) is at your own risk. We recommend using the Polkadot Vault instead.

Sideloading means directly downloading the DENTNet Ledger app to your computer, and from there loading it onto your Ledger device without using the Ledger Live application.

Sideloading is only possible on Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano S Plus. The Ledger Nano X doesn't allow sideloading, unfortunately.

You can download the latest release of the DENTNet Ledger app from our GitHub repository page: ledger-dentnet releases.

A short guide on how to sideload the application is available in the repository, but you can also find more detailed instructions on how to side-load a Ledger app on the Internet.

DENT has submitted the DENTNet Ledger app for review to Ledger HQ. Once approved it would become available on Ledger Live.

The DENTNet Ledger application is an independent project and not related or endorsed by Ledger in any way.

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