Assets like ETH, DAI, or DENT can be swapped for DENTX using the Uniswap Protocol. As the Uniswap protocol is unavailable on DENTNet, the swap is provided on Ethereum. Read the DENTX on Ethereum section and double-check the contract address when interacting with DENTX on Ethereum.

To use your Uniswap to get DENTX on DENTNet, you need to follow these steps:

1. Swap

Using Uniswap Protocol, many tokens like ETH or DAI can now be swapped for DENTX. A Liquidity Pool v3 DENT/DENTX is provided by DENT Wireless. Start swapping by following this link:

Uniswap supports swapping assets in both directions and offers to add more liquidity to the pool from other market participants. The Uniswap documentation explains how it works in detail.

2. Create DENTNet account

To create an account, use one of the supported Wallets.

3. Send DENTX to DENTNet

Once you have DENTX on Ethereum, e.g., in a MEW or Metamask wallet, you can use the Bridge to send the Ethereum DENTX to your DENTNet account. Ethereum gas fees apply to send assets from Ethereum to DENTNet.

Follow the instructions in the Move DENTX from Ethereum to DENTNet section.

Using the Bridgeyou can also send DENTX from DENTNet to an Ethereum wallet, like Metamask and swap DENTX for other assets like DENT token.

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