Operating a Validator

Running a Validator on a live network is a lot of responsibility! You will be accountable for not only your stake but also the stake of other participants in the network. If you make a mistake and get slashed, your funds and reputation will be at risk. However, running a Validator can also be very rewarding, knowing that you contribute to the security of a decentralized network while growing your stash.

Before attempting to operate your Validator, it's highly recommended that you have experience in system administration. You should be able to handle technical problems and unusual situations with your DENTNet node on your own. Being a Validator involves more than just running a program.

To operate a Validator at DENTNet, you need to have these requirements:

  • Approval from DENT for running a Validator

  • A running DENTNet node (see Operating a Node)

  • Minimum amount of DENTX

Who can run a Validator?

DENTNet is a special-purpose blockchain intended to build the foundation for global telecommunication asset exchange and marketplace.

Therefore DENT is focussing on bringing the telecommunication industry on board and offering operators, service providers, and other brands related to telecommunication to run Validators.

If you or your company fit to this description and want to run a DENTNet Validator, please reach out to DENT using this form.

Payout and Rewards

Please carefully read the Validators section for the payout and rewards system of DENTNet Validators.

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