DENTX is the native unit of exchange of DENTNet, similar to ETH on Ethereum or BTC on the Bitcoin network. DENTX is used to:

  • pay fees such as transaction fees

  • stake for the security of the network

DENTX has 18 decimal places.


To reward validators and stakers at any time in the future, DENTNet needs to have the ability to issue DENTX for these rewards. This is a form of controlled inflation and is adjusted based on the total amount staked.

DENTXs are created as rewards and held inactive to be paid out later. A small percentage also goes to the Treasury for future payments. These inactive funds can't be accessed and are not residing on an account.

Total Issuance

It is the total number of units in existence on the network.

The total Issuance of DENTX on block 21,329,110 was 10,084,153,665.822436438824945718 DENTX.

Inactive Issuance

It is the total units of outstanding deactivated balance on the network that cannot be used.

This is mainly pending payouts of staking and validating rewards, that are paid out when requested by the owed account.

The inactive Issuance of DENTX on block 21,329,110 was 66,644,957.345944833299860601 DENTX.

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