Mobile Data

Mobile Network Operators offer data packages or subscriptions to their subscribers to charge for access to their network infrastructure.


DENTNet supports the purchase of mobile data packages with different types of size, validity, and country coverage using the Vending pallet. The data packages will be added to the account of the user/subscriber and activated to be used. Once activated, the expiry date is set on-chain.

Usage Handling

To track the usage of balances of their subscribers, operators only need to connect their charging infrastructure with DENTNet.

DENT Wireless has been running a global traffic steering and charging infrastructure "DBOS" that is directly connected to mobile operators and tracks the usage of each subscriber.

As DBOS is a separate network, other operators can integrate it and connect their charging with DENTNet with minimal integration efforts.

This allows other operators to integrate DENTNet and sell mobile data assets either to their subscribers or even to subscribers of other operators.

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