Technical Committee


DENTNet uses a group of accounts called the "Technical Committee" to perform several tasks that ensure the network integrity and further development of the chain.

The main tasks performed by the Technical Committee are:

  • Rolling out new software versions of DENTNet

  • Managing/maintaining various features like the staking pool and token exchange


The Technical Committee currently has four members, and each member can create proposals for transactions to be made on DENTNet.


A proposal contains an extrinsic call and a minimum amount of required votes. DENTNet also enforces a minimum amount of votes to prevent proposals that can be passed by a minority of the committee.

Each member has the right to vote for a proposal. A vote can be either "aye" or "nay" to accept or decline a proposal.

Once the minimum of votes is reached, the proposal can be closed by one of the members. After closing, the proposed extrinsic is executed on-chain when accepted or deleted if declined.

The Technical Committee can vote to change the members of the committee.

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