Pause Validation

Sometimes, validation might need to be paused, e.g., to perform scheduled maintenance tasks on your machine. This process is called "Chilling. "

When paused, Validators don't lose their bonded funds. But they also don't receive any rewards during the pause.

To pause, you can visit the Validator UI, select your Validator in the "Accounts" section, and press the "Stop" button. When the current era finishes, the Validator will leave the active validator set, and you can perform your maintenance. Before shutting down your node, please verify that your Validator is not part of the "Validators" list in the "Overview" section.

Once you pause it, it might take up to 24 hours until your Validator is not active anymore.

To resume your Validator, ensure your node is running and connected to DENTNet. Then open the Accounts section, select your Stash wallet, click "Validate" next to it, and follow the instructions.

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