Swap on DENTNet

DENTNet offers swapping DENT tokens for DENTX on DENTNet. To use your DENTs on Ethereum to get DENTX on DENTNet, you need to follow these steps:

1. Create DENTNet account

To create an account, use one of the supported Wallets.

2. Bridge DENT Token from your Ethereum wallet

If you already have DENT on Ethereum, e.g., in a MEW or Metamask wallet, you can use the Bridge to transfer the Ethereum DENTs to your DENTNet account.

Follow the instructions in the Move DENTs from Ethereum to DENTNet section.

3. Swap DENTs to DENTX

Be aware, that only for the initial Swap from DENT token to DENTX, the fee is paid in DENT token. Once there is any DENTX on the wallet, all fees are paid in DENTX.

Make sure to leave enough DENTX on your account for further swaps or staking payouts.

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