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A crypto wallet browser extension is an application integrated directly into web browsers, offering people a convenient and secure way to manage their cryptocurrency assets. With these extensions, people can access their wallets seamlessly from their browsing environment, enabling them to perform transactions, interact with decentralized applications (DApps), and monitor their account balances across multiple devices.

For the DENTNet environment, browser extensions are suitable for sending DENT Tokens to the DENTNet using DENT Bridge, and managing your staking on the Staking Dashboard.

Extensions may offer to use the Polkadot Ledger App - this is NOT SUPPORTED. If you set up a wallet with the Polkadot Ledger App at DENTNet and transfer funds to it, these funds are lost!

These browser extensions have currently been tested to work with DENTNet applications:

Make sure you only install browser extensions from an official trusted source. Otherwise, your funds may be at risk.

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