How to get DENTX

There are several ways how to get DENTX.

Using DENT token

DENT is offering a token bridge to Swap DENT for DENTX.

To use the swap you need to follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on DENTNet

  2. Move DENT token to your DENTNet account via either

    1. Purchase DENT Token in DENT App and withdraw OR

    2. Bridge DENT Token from an Ethereum wallet

  3. Swap DENT to DENTX using the Bridge

1. Create DENTNet account

To create an account, use one of the supported Wallets.

2.1. Purchase DENT Token in DENT App

Next, you can purchase DENT tokens in the DENT App using Binance Pay. To do so, download the DENT App to your smartphone, create an account and open the the "Buy DENTs" section in the Account menu.

Once you have DENT tokens in your app, you can use the Withdrawal feature to send DENTs from your DENT App account to any DENTNet account. You might need to go through a KYC process to be able to withdraw. Please follow the instructions in the app.

Continue with step 3.

2.2. Bridge DENT Token from an Ethereum wallet

If you already have DENT on Ethereum, e.g. in a MEW or Metamask wallet, you can use the Bridge to transfer the Ethereum DENTs to your DENTNet account.

Please be aware, that sending DENTs from Ethereum might require higher fees due to Ethereum gas costs.

3. Swap DENTs to DENTX

Be aware, that only for the initial Swap from DENT token to DENTX, the fee is paid in DENT token. Once there is any DENTX on the wallet, all fees are paid in DENTX.

Make sure to leave enough DENTX on your account for further swaps or staking payouts.

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